Utah New Home Loans

Utah New Home Loans

Only residents of Utah can understand how lucky they are to live in a State of such beauty and grandeur. Between the “Best Snow on Earth” up and down the Wasatch front to the gorgeous red rock of Southern Utah, the people of Utah have every outdoor recreation outlet available at their disposal. Utah boasts a high employment rate, an entrepreneurial zeal and some of the most savvy and educated clients we have the privilege of serving.

One of the best refinances available today is the FHA Streamline program. What makes the FHA Streamline unique in the world of refinances is the ease and short duration of the whole process. Since FHA home loans are government insured they are a lower risk product for banks, therefore banks are willing to offer better rates, and able to close the refinances with little documentation. The FHA streamline does NOT require an appraisal on the home since the lender will be using the appraised value of the property when you first obtained your FHA loan. An FHA Streamline does NOT require income or asset verification, meaning you don’t need to waste time going through old files gathering tax returns, W’2 docs, paystubs, etc.

Most of our Utah clients save between $150-400 per month on their monthly mortgage payment while enjoying a new fixed rate loan. Over the life of the loan our average client saves tens of thousands of dollars in interest and can literally cut years off their loan payoff. In addition to getting a lower interest rate and payment, our clients are able to skip at least one month’s mortgage payment (sometimes two) an receive an escrow refund from their current lender 2-3 weeks after completing their new loan.

All of Legacy Lending Group’s Certified Mortgage Advisors are licensed in the State of Utah and have undergone background checks, fingerprinting and credit checks to ensure that you are dealing with individuals with the utmost integrity and character. All Certified Mortgage Advisors have had to take at least 20-hours of loan education and pass both a national and state test to be authorized to originate your new loan.

Our company specializes in the FHA Streamline. We can structure and tailor-make your loan to have it fit the unique circumstances of your life and assure that when the loan is closed and funded you understand more about lending than you ever have in the past. We stress transparency throughout the entire loan process. Our clients return to us again and again for their mortgage needs, which is the greatest complement we can receive. Call us today and find out what we can do to help you!

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