Legacy Lending Group has access to over 27 different lenders. Why so many you may ask? Every client’s situation is different. Depending on your goal, you may be better suited to one lender over another. Although most lenders interest rates are the same, occasionally we see a “front-runner” who for whatever reason has the lowest rates or lowest closing costs depending on the time of the month. We like having the ability to “shop” for you in order to ensure that you’re getting best deal possible. Do you have a manufactured home? Are you shopping for a 2nd home or investment property? Do you need to cash in some equity for home repairs or a new addition? Every person’s needs are different. We’ll have not only the right loan for you, but the right lender as well.

With as many lenders and loan products available in the market today, you need to be working with a Certified Mortgage Advisor who knows the right questions at the BEGINNING of the application process. We realize that your time is valuable, so we don’t to waste it by asking for things we don’t need or pestering you throughout the loan for more and more information. Working with intelligent, thorough Professionals is what our customers love the most about us and keep them coming back again and again for their lending needs.

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