Legacy Lending Group, Inc.


Legacy Lending Group is a full service mortgage brokerage that opened its doors for business in April 2007. In July 2010 Legacy joined forces with Pinnacle Capital Mortgage. This union will ensure not only company longevity, but also provide the type of service Legacy’s clients have come to expect. We at Legacy understand that the lending business is a service industry, and ultimately all we can offer over our competitors is our service and commitment to our clients. We offer a variety of mortgage solutions and strive to fit the product to your needs. Please contact one of our Certified Mortgage Advisors to see which program will be best for you.

Why Legacy Lending Group?

We measure business success by the number of friends we make during and after the loan process. Our goal is to create lifetime clients and friends through a process that is the biggest financial decision most people will ever make. Our company mantra is “Restoring Trust through Transparency”. That’s not just a nice sounding slogan we put on our website. Its words we live by every day of the week. It’s no secret that the mortgage industry has a black-eye right now. With millions of Americans struggling to make their mortgage payments every month we want to be a part of the solution, not the problem. The best way we’ve found to add value to our customers experience is to thoroughly educate them every step of the way. We have nothing to hide. We’ll break down every aspect of your loan, so that when you walk away from the closing table you’ll be confident that you’re not only getting an exceptional deal, but that you understand exactly how your loan works and what to expect in the future.

For Questions or Concerns Please Email: complaints@pcmloan.com

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